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Interview with Fading Aeon (Germany)

Fading Aeon is an Epic/Melodic Death Metal from Kronach, Bavaria, Germany having themes like battles, tales, heroism. Now let's begin our journey to Valhalla!

What made you choose Epic/Melodic Death Metal?

We didn’t really actively choose that style of music, it’s just what happened naturally. That is also why every song on the album sounds a bit different, some have a darker atmosphere, some are more folky and happy, we just let things happen and don’t try to push the art into a certain direction.

Any story behind your band name?

The thought behind the band name is, that we are witnessing a fading aeon right now. Humans are slowly but surely destroying their own livelihood and thus exterminating themselves. It is a very tragic but also very obvious thing, that needs to be expressed as harsh as it is. This may sound a bit off, because the story of our album is something completely different, but maybe it actually isn’t. If you take a more abstract point of view, it is about the same lust for destruction, that just seems to be a part of human nature.

A Warrior’s Tale is one badass album. Can you tell me what the album art signifies?

Thank you very much, we are glad you enjoy the album! The album art was made by Niklas Sundin and it shows our protagonist, shortly before he enters Valhalla’s gate in the song „Beyond the Veil“. He is striving through a very dark shadow world… His last big challenge, before he finally finds his peace.

Does life’s hardship play any role in your song writing?

Well, the story we tell on “The Warrior’s Tale” is obviously fictional. But on the other hand I guess that life’s hardship probably plays a role in any piece of art. It influences every person, and it influences a lot of the things that we do. Music is always a good way to express different emotions and i guess each song of the album has a different feeling to it.

Are you planning to take in a fourth member?

No, we are currently not looking for more members. We are aware of the fact that it seems pretty odd to have so much going on in our music and then having only three people on stage, but this is the way we prefer it to be. We know each other very well and we have a very good workflow and just generally a great atmosphere within the band. We tried different people as fourth members in the past, but it always just seemed to not work out.

What bands inspired you guys the most?

Chris: For me personally there are different inspirations for different aspects of the music. For my bass playing I always took a lot of inspiration from Old School Death Metal like Cannibal Corpse and stuff like that. When it comes to my voice, there are a lot of singers I like and tried to imitate as a beginner, like Nergal from Behemoth, or Tuomas Saukkonen especially with Wolfheart. But I guess I am still trying to figure out my own style, to me it is important to not sound like someone else.

Christian Stauch

David: My main influences are bands like Wintersun, Blind Guardian, Dark Tranquillity and Dissection. Of course, there are many more but these are the ones that came up right in my mind. There are also non metal acts that had a huge impact on the way I write music, for example Dire Straits, Queen and a whole bunch of 80s bands like Depeche Mode and Tears For Fears. For me, the most important thing, that all of those bands have in common, is their ability to create great atmospheres with their music and that each and every one of them can summon all kinds of emotions with their songs. Their music alone is able to produce images and stories in your head and that's something we attempt to achieve as well.

David Gareis

Patrick: I'd say my main influences concerning drumming are Children Of Bodom, a bit of Dimmu Borgir and the old stuff by Equilibrium. So it's quite a broad mixture of Black, Pagan and Melodic Death Metal which came in very handy for our album. Since I spend a lot of time with finding the right sounds for our orchestration together with David, I would also count Fleshgod Apocalypse as an important influence. Their ability to let the orchestra stand out and enrich their music in the way it does, despite the fast riffs and the intense drumming, is simply mind-blowing.

Patrick Gareis

Do you have any goal with your debut album? Like motivational purposes etc.?

I think we already reached a lot of our initial goals with the album. We didn’t really know what to expect when we released the first song. But over time we got so much positive feedback, that we were honestly overwhelmed at some points. We are definitely motivated to continue making music and work hard on this project and we will just see what the future holds for us.

When can we expect a new album?

We don’t really have a plan on when a new album is going to come out, but we are working on it. The music is already written and some parts are also recorded, but finishing it is still going to take a lot of time.

Words for your fans?

Thank you so much for your support! Receiving all this positive feedback and all those kind words over the last couple of months really means a lot to us. We also got in contact with a lot of great and inspiring people. All of this motivates us even more and makes us want to keep moving forward!

Now that you've reached Valhalla, why not buy their album?


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