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Interview with In Victory (Spain/Sweden/Finland)

In life we all go through tough moments. Giving up is not an option. Grind today, win tomorrow! So, here we have with us Victor 'V M-M', composer and guitarist of In Victory, an International Symphonic Power Metal that is fueled with self empowering lyrics, music and vocals similar to Lost Horizon (Sweden). Read on to find out the main inspirations behind their music.

1. What inspired you to name your band as "In Victory"?

I considered that it is ‘in victories’ - when overcoming big challenges in life; when I realize who I am as a person, the importance of metal in my life and how its overwhelming power helps me achieve any goal I have.

2. What is your main motive with this band?

To enjoy metal and its uplifting component. And that is exactly the pleasurable experience I get since the first minute I start writing new material till any time I am enjoying the final result, walking in the street, with my earphones.

Of course, having a certain impact on the power metal scene is also desired as it opens opportunities to grow personally and professionally, to develop initiatives and to meet new interesting people in and out of the music industry.

3. All your songs are very uplifting. Do you seek to help people with depression?

That can be a very positive “side effect” of our music and if it is really helping people with depression, that is fantastic! That would make us very glad!

When I compose a new song, I am mostly letting my own emotions flow. Then, I hope our fans manage to immerse themselves in a similar “atmosphere” as well, being able to re-conduct all the energy and emotions into something positive; call it finding courage to beat depression, excel academically, during sports performance or with any aspect of their personal life.

4. Tell us more about the main character in your album arts.

This kind of humanoid being can represent anybody listening and properly understanding our music. Someone feeling confident, full of energy, powerful, unbeatable…

From a visual perspective, I came up with this character by absorbing influences from MtG illustrations and specially from Peter Mohrbacher, one of my favorite artists.

5. Do you ever plan to come out with a full length?

I would definitely like to, but releasing a full album is not as simple as it may look from the outside. Making a full length is not just a matter of displaying creativity; but also understanding that you have to be part of a team, in which each member has a different degree of involvement and different personal, professional and economic circumstances and needs.

Indeed, for those who are not aware: managing an underground band and aiming to produce and release music at the highest industry standards (without certain contacts, equipment, strong support of a record label, etc) is really expensive.

6. What bands inspired you?

There are many bands that influenced me in very diverse ways. My first sources of inspiration were Lordi (first albums) and Jack Black, not only from a musical perspective, but for the pure rocking attitude they represented. Afterwards, I started admiring the combination of roughness and elegance of Ensiferum, the power of Sabaton and Manowar, the energy of Dragonforce, the sheer awesomeness of Gamma Ray and Helloween…

Now something fun: one of the first songs I ever composed, back in 2012-2013, was a demo single called “Kill The Traitors” and, believe it or not, it was heavily influenced by Hands Up! Eurodance music. This is to show that I am very open-minded musically and I am able to find inspiration in different bands and music genres.

7. Anything you would like to tell us about "Ecstasy of the Enlightened" EP?

It is really fast, direct and uplifting music. For my very own personal taste, this is practically taking power metal with all its characteristics to its plenitude. Other people may prefer to focus more on technique and complexity, other ones would like more progressive elements; but, for me, Ecstasy of the Enlightened, from a music composition perspective, is how power metal should be.

On a side note, I would like to mention something else: the songs “Reaching Eternity” and “The Prophecies Will Unfold” were composed in January 2019, soon after releasing our first EP “Uplifting Metal”. I take the chance to thank the people who sent us so much positive energy through comments and messages back then, because they definitely contributed to boost my inspiration and will to keep making more music!

8. Words for your fans around the world.

Power Metal music is noble, playful, full of energy, light and passion. If you consider yourself an In Victory fan, do not just blast our music on your speakers, but immerse yourself in the music and use its power and energy to reach your goals and shine in your community.

Check out their music! Fuels up my Deadlifts and Benchpressess in the gym.

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